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In today's competitive business environment, business operations need to be extremely efficient to achieve success. It's no secret that part of the winning strategy includes the effective use of information systems, computers, networks, Internet, word processing programs, accounting programs, etc. It can be frustrating and highly inefficient to have employees spend time chasing technology and maintaining business information systems.

Your business requires non-stop, no-problems operation of its information technology environment. Information security risks represent potential disruptions of operations, financial loss, and public embarrassment. Your information technology systems must be kept running securely and efficiently, and performing smoothly despite the increasing demands on your operations staff. You need accurate information about performance and security, and your customers need uninterrupted, fault-free service. AVSAR deploys a team of experienced infrastructure and incident management specialists to provide you with skilled, professional management and monitoring of all elements of your information security infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your core business.

AVSAR allows companies to purchase blocks of Information Technology (IT) services to manage their information systems infrastructure, networks, help desk, applications programming support, and a wide range of other services listed below. Utilizing a 3rd party company to provide this support has several advantages:

  • Increases your understanding of how technology can be use to help your business
  • Allows employees to focus on the business's core competency
  • Problems are resolved faster
  • Decrease the chances of loosing valuable business data
  • Minimize system down time
  • Decreases the potential of being hit by computer viruses

We also do "project" type of work for both small and large companies. Businesses continue to become more and more dependant upon using computers, the Internet, etc. We offer the expertise to look at your business operation and help you understand how to best utilize feasible technology that is readily available. We help implement it and can also help maintain it for you.

In addition to the core IT service we provide, AVSAR consultants also have extensive experience in all phases of the product development process. Our team will work with you to develop a deep understanding of how a collaboration solution can enhance your company's daily business processes. We apply this knowledge during implementation to ensure maximum productivity and ROI.

Future Prospects

Undertaking several development projects for e-commerce, social collboration and mobile application development for many established companies to strategicially align their requirements with changing trends on the web and mobile arena. Coming up with a one of a kind technology breakthrough that can serve the client's customer base with a best in class solution and attract more business moving forward.